Valuation Process

Although the valuation itself may be quite complex Dunross follows a simple but comprehensive process in preparing valuations for client companies. This process is tailored to the entity being valued taking into consideration the wide range of variables associated with the particular business.

The valuation process includes the following activities:

•    Initial discussions with the client.

This can be done through either a phone call or a face to face meeting and generally the purpose of the valuation is established and an overview of the business is presented. A request for relevant information is made in order to prepare a scope of works for the project

•    Scope of Works prepared.

When all relevant documents have been obtained and reviewed a scope of works outlining the activities that will be carried out together with terms and conditions and a schedule of fees is prepared and presented to the client.

•    Client meeting and business inspection.

Once the client has approved the scope of works a meeting is held and an inspection of the business is conducted. Additional information is obtained during this meeting and a time frame is established for completing the valuation report.

•    Preparation of Valuation Report

Once an analysis of the financial and qualitative information on the business has been analysed a Business Valuation is prepared following accepted methods and practices. A comprehensive Valuation Report is then prepared.

•    Presentation to client

A meeting is generally held at this stage to present the final Valuation Report to the client.

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